Introduction to Roaches

Roaches can be found inside and outside the home, it is not because of dirty homes that roaches come inside but the weather. Roaches with thrive more in a dirty home  and reproduce more so. The only way to prevent roaches is a properly sealed home. Some times a properly sealed home is impossible because you can not find all the unsealed spots. We have perfected a process to eliminate roaches completely and you do not even have to clean your house. Things like dog food and garbage do not need to be monitored. If your kids throw rice all over your house, (actually happened) it will not effect our process.

The only thing you need to do is call us, because if you can not make your house ready we can do it for you. Pricing is between $29.99- $75.99 including Pest barrier in the yard, cleaning, and applications in the house. Inspections are free but you know if you have roaches or if you want to prevent them and you should not be overcharged. We do not use traps unless you ask for them because if there is other food sources the roaches may not go in them and we can not in good faith use something that is ineffective. Our service is guaranteed or we will give you your money back.


  • Guaranteed success to your satisfaction
  • Licensed Professional help
  • you do not have to worry about exposer to wet chemicals
  • materials and time cost money we do the work for you
  • Quality chemicals you can not buy on your own
  • you will get more for your money then any other company offers