Bed Bugs FOR sale

Bed Bugs

If you need bed bugs  this is where to get them.

Professional use only

Professionals need bed bugs to train k9s to find them and we are the top bed bug manufacturer  in Huron SD,  probably the state of SD. We currently have hundreds of thousands of bed bugs for sale and our breeding methods and transport methods are secret. But we are willing to share information for a price.

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Because Bed Bugs are very dangerous  we need to know why you need them, we need to see where they will be kept and know more about you. All sales are based on this information but we do not accept liability for anything and we do not discriminate. Prices are subject to the sale agreement starting between  50 cents a bug to $20. Contact us at 605 951-8031 for all questions as we are willing to answer all questions about bed bugs by certified exterminators.