Fleas are a nuisance to you and your dog almost equal to a bed bug infestation. APCS can help with this with our treatments fleas will be gone .

Every Year we have to deal with fleas

Every month we have to apply a fleas control to our dogs, but what about our house? Now the fleas won't go on the dog because we applied a pesticide to the dog but now you are itching. Most likely if you apply pesticides to the house for a random estimate of $75 per house you will not need to buy anything for the pets because if you have your yard sprayed monthly or bi-monthly. They will not come in your yard.

Fleas effect you and your pets.

Our service is guaranteed to work for you or we will make it work. Never have we had a flea problem need more then 1 treatment in a 6 month period but if it does, you can count on us to get it done for you at no cost. We can dip the dog and spray the house and yard if we mess up for free. We will not let you down. We even know where to get treatment for skin infections from fleas and we can provide it to you at no cost higher then the price  we  have to pay.