I just found Bed bugs,What do i do?

There are 7 stages of bed bugs from egg to adult. Eggs will hatch 5 to 10 days after being laid. Each  stage requires a blood meal to molt to the next. So expect 5 to 10 days  for each stage with a minimum of 30 days to get to adult. One female will lay 200 to 500 eggs in 1 year, 7 to 14 eggs a day. She only needs to feed every 14 days to continue breeding. The expected life of a bed bug is 4 months with a steady source of food, but if food is rare they can live up to 18 months by  filling their stomach with a bubble and hibernating. The best temperature for them is 60 degrees but the hotter  the environment the less time they will live. Some people do not show any signs of bites, especially people over 65.

Bed bugs have been around for thousands of years and Humans have been fighting them the entire time. They hitch rides on us and move arounds spreading rapidly now most people do not remember what they look like or have never had them. In the 50s  bed bugs were non existent due to harsher chemicals being used for roaches and  other insects. People covered furniture with plastic and vacuuming was much easier. People used to spray base boards with chemicals ahead of time to combat infestations of other insects. 

What we do when you call us 

We  will vacuum and spray using personal experience every 5 to 10 days up to 3 treatments for one price. Not for $500. Guaranteed success unless warrenty is voided. What voids a warranty is customer not vacuuming, customer missing appointments, customer spraying pesticides before calling us, customer not sleeping in the areas, customer going to other infected habitats.If you spray chemicals around before we come and it takes ten treatments to kill all the bugs you will still be saving over $4000.

We can offer non chemical treatments for a higher price.

In the near future we will be offering Heat treatments for $375

We are currently in the process of acquiring  Bed Bug sniffing DOGS  which will raise the accuracy of a inspections to about 97% and lower the time to inspect.

This options marketed value is about 200-850

All bed bug exterminations are $259.99 make checks payable to ADVANCED PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS LLC