I just found Bed bugs,What do i do?

Do not throw anything away.

 Vacuum the entire house before you sleep and when you wake up.There are hundreds of  household items rated to kill bed bugs, Vinegar,alcohol,baking soda,salt,tea tree oil.

Have you ever spread baking soda over a entire house and then vacuumed it up when it didn't work?

For 4,500 years pesticides have been being used to control insects.Zero residue or damage to property when used correctly.Our certified and Insured  Specialists  will Bring you peace of mind and we guarantee we will save you $1000 by calling us today.


 Bed Bugs.Inspections are free, so call us today. Some exterminations can be in done in 1 sweep others need 2 or 3 times.You pay for 1  extermination with a 80% discount compared to other state vendors and we guarantee success Because we want only one extermination ,for you and us.

What you can do to prepare your home is vacuum everything and sweep, Immediately  throw any debris outside.Clean up all closes and bed linens, washing and drying them all. Put all unwashed linens in a bag sealed until it can be done. Put all washed linens and  clothes in a sealed bag as well.

Vacuum storage bags work the best for a reason!

Putting the mattresses in a  encasement works but not if later it receives a puncture or tear so ask us about those when you call. Make  sure we have as much space as possible to  Lay our protection Barrier in your home to reduce the number of visits needed.

All bed bug exterminations are $259.99 make checks payable to ADVANCED PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS LLC